Zita is a shining star of Palm Garden

Aug 28, 2017 | Blog

There’s an ancient proverb that says, “When you save a life you save the world.”

Zita Wilensky, our Director of Life Enrichment, Palm Garden of Aventura, is hard to capture in a picture because she is always loving, nurturing, and finding our guests, families, and fellow Palm Garden friends to touch making a difference positively.  You see, everywhere at Palm Garden, we find the ‘world changers’ like Zita.  She’s quiet in service but powerful in impacting the life experiences one guest at a time because they, and we, deserve it.

Going strong….dreaming….creating….caring….giving us all energy and an exciting life at Palm Garden!

Zita is a superstar serving our Aventura community for over 10 years! Check us out and find out what’s happening!

Zita Wilensky our Palm Garden friend leading by example. Our Palm Garden Core Value:

Service To Others – Service is the essence of our culture.  We will serve those in need with humility, grace, and gratitude.

Jerry C. Kittredge, Senior Director of Relationship Development

Zita with pink balloons Zita writing at her desk Zita gifting Star Trek to resident and priest Signs on a pole at a party Diner decorations with two other staff members and Zita Zita with a fake cow